Macroinvertebrate Surveys

Macroinvertebrate surveys are conducted by Biological Systems Consultants macroinvertebrate specialists who have extensive experience in the collection and identification of aquatic insects. These surveys help provide diagnostic studies to assist with state and federal permitting requirements. Bioassessment protocols vary for each state and our staff are familiar with and follow the required standard operating procedures. The presence or absence of particular species can provide insight into the health of the aquatic ecosystem. Macroinvertebrates can be good indicators of water quality due to the fact that they spend much of their lives developing in water. These insects are rated by tolerance levels that range from tolerant to intolerant of pollutants. Employing various macroinvertebrate biotic indices (MBI) – ratios are applied and scores are calculated from these ratios. This provides a quantitative number for comparison to reference streams or for year to year monitoring of stream health.

Bioassessment Macroinvertebrate Survey