Kentucky Selenium Fish Tissue Sampling

Kentucky Selenium Fish Tissue Sampling

Kentucky Selenium Fish Tissue Sampling frequencies are conducted by Biological Systems Consultants to help our clients comply with KPDES permits issued by the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) or the EPA. Following the standard operating procedures (SOP) for selenium fish tissue sampling set forth by KDOW we maintain scientific collectors permits and provide field personnel with extensive experience identifying the target species as required by the protocol. These are very time sensitive events so keep this in mind as soon as you find out you need a sampling event conducted.

Biological Systems Consultants’ selenium fish tissue survey team is equipped to take on all of your NPDES compliance needs for this type of project. Our staff is fully permitted and qualified to conduct surveys in multiple states. If you have any questions about your Section 402 NPDES Selenium Fish compliance or have been requested to address selenium fish tissue sampling on your project for any reason Contact us or request a quote today.

Many NPDES Permits now contain a Selenium Fish Tissue sampling trigger for collection of fish and application of EPA Method 200.8. This method identifies the amount of Selenium accumulated in the tissue of certain fish species. This methodology is outlined in the Methods for the Collection of Selenium Residue in Fish Tissue Used to Determine KPDES Permit Compliance SOP manual published by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, Department for Environmental Protection, Division of Water (KDOW, 2014).

Selenium Fish Tissue

Lepomis spp. Selenium Fish Tissue Sample