Riparian Zone Planting for Stream Restoration

Riparian zones include the plant communities along stream and river banks. Riparian zone health directly affects stream health by preventing erosion and promoting habitat biodiversity. Riparian zone plantings are integral, and often required, for stream mitigation, restoration, and enhancement. Plant species of all strata can be used to help create a healthy riparian zone. Species selection is based on ecosystem, wildlife benefit, cost effectiveness, and availability.

This Pine sapling was planted along with Cherry and Oak saplings to promote native biodiversity in the riparian zone of a restored stream in Knox Co., Ky. These trees will also provide food and shelter for local wildlife.

BSC has helped to plan, implement, coordinate and monitor many riparian zone plantings in order to re-establish healthy stream ecosystems in impacted areas. A healthy riparian zone promotes stream health through canopy cover, nutrient cycling, invasive species prevention and much more.