Selenium Fish Tissue Sampling

Selenium fish tissue sampling is required for exceedances of many NPDES/KPDES permit limitations. The results must be submitted on the next months DMR so depending on the sampling dates this typically reduces the available sampling time to a short period after the exceedance is determined to when the sample can be collected.

Selenium Fish Tissue Kentucky KY
Selenium Fish Tissue Sampling

Many Kentucky KPDES Permits now contain a Selenium Fish Tissue sampling trigger for collection of fish and application of EPA Method 200.8. This method identifies the amount of Selenium accumulated in the tissue of certain fish species. This methodology is outlined in the Methods for the Collection of Selenium Residue in Fish Tissue Used to Determine KPDES Permit Compliance SOP manual published by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, Department for Environmental Protection, Division of Water (KDOW, 2014). Contact us today for a quote.

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2016 Blackside Dace Fish Inventory and Habitat Assessment for threatened species. We provide a wide variety of consulting services related to the aquatic ecosystem.

Fish Surveys

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Jesse carrying the battery and backpack electro-fish shocker. The device stuns fish for several seconds so populations can be counted. These surveys can be used for baseline studies required for projects needing Clean Water Act permitting (NPDES), Section 404, Nationwide or Individual Permits or Protection and Enhancement Plans.