Geographic Information System – GIS

Geographic Information System – GIS  projects are performed by our GIS specialists. Biological Systems Consultants gathers data for related mapping, design, and integration into many types of projects including mining related projects, invasive species studies, eel grass assessments, stream restoration, aggregate and coal stockpiles, construction , environmental assessments, cumulative impact assessments, archaeological surveys, and many other types of projects. GIS provides us the ability to analyze, gather, and organize data.  GIS technology assists our clients in accomplishing operations and maintenance tasks more quickly and efficiently. Our GIS technicians work closely with staff to develop a final product that meets individual project needs within the budget.

Biological Systems Consultants uses the latest GIS and drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology to collect and develop geographic data for your projects. Our GIS technicians are ESRI trained and also utilize technology such as GPS and field data collectors to enhance field data acquisition, which allows us to provide comprehensive service to meet all of your needs.

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